Stainless steel cleaners, After treatment & Accessories

Name Description
Alkalinity Control

Alkaline solution for neutralizing the acid after a pickling treatment.

Ferroxyl Test Set

Whether or not to pickle: the ferroxyl test set reveals embedded iron particles on stainless steel.

Moly Drop 960 (bottle 30 ml)  
Oxilyser 3®

For passivity testing.

Vecinox Stainless Steel Cleaner

Cleaning- and post-treatment product (“vlakkenbeits”) for stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Removes most types of organic contamination, felt tip pen and ink, footprints, precipitate of lime after rinsing and flash-rust.

Vecinox Stainless Steel Cleaner Gel 4023

Powerful gel with soap like appearance. Removes corrosion on stainless steel simple and effective. Also usable as aluminium pickling agent.