Stainless steel services

Stainless steel owes its varied application to its natural corrosion resistance, or passivity. Passivity is bestowed on the material by the formation of an extremely thin and complex surface oxide layer. The layer itself is vulnerable to damage from manipulation of the material during processing, fabrication and even transport. The result is a loss of passivity at damaged areas, with a reduction in corrosion resistance as a consequence. Surface damage of stainless steel can lead to unexpected corrosion. Services offered in-house or often on-site by Vecom that assist in maximising the final corrosion resistance and passivity include:

  • Degreasing pre-treatments
  • Pickling & Passivation – industrial, pharmaceutical and marine
  • Electropolishing and  Passivation
  • Management/installation of pickling baths
  • Decontamination of fouled stainless steel process equipment
  • Laboratory services