Sublimotion process®

The SUBLIMOTION-process® is a brand new, innovative technology which guarantees a result which until today can not be matched with existing technologies. The SUBLIMOTION-process® improves the surface characteristics of stainless steel constructions and components in such a way that the surface roughness and -topography, drastically improve, without causing damage or deformation, improving, among other things, the cleanability and hygienic characteristics significantly.

Foto 1b-verkleind2The surface quality of stainless steel after treatment with the SUBLIMOTION-process® will particularly benefit sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, where the hygienic requirements are much higher than in other sectors. In addition, the SUBLIMOTION-process® has numerous other properties giving it a high added value for other sectors as well.
Vecom saw potential opportunities, but also the need for the application of a new process because the specific laws and regulations regarding the hygienic design of process equipment for the food industry, increasingly became more stringent in recent years.

Sublimotion Process® - before and afterSublimotion Process® - before and after

The process

The innovative SUBLIMOTION-process® for the surface treatment and conditioning of stainless steel, from large structures to small parts, offers the following advantages:
  • It is a “one step process”, that means that all surface properties are achieved in a single treatment.
  • The process makes it possible to achieve a highly efficient cleaning and very fine finish, also on irregularly shaped surfaces.
  • The same values ​​are generated in every direction relating to surface roughness and -topography, which results in an isotropic surface.
  • The surface is cleaned at micro-level, micro-cracks are closed, and the durability of the material is improved by building up a compressive stress in the surface.
  • Visual uniform satin gloss finish.
  • After treatment, the surface has hydrophobic properties.
  • There will be no iron contamination.
  • The process is safe, eco-friendly and based on sustainable technology (Green Process).
  • No hazardous or toxic chemicals are used.
  • The process makes use of a safe, inert, non-harmful cleaning suspension.
  • Health or environmental problems are nonexistent, and the process is completely free of dust.
  • It is a very cost-effective process

Application areas

Initially, the SUBLIMOTION-process® was developed as an innovative method for the surface treatment and finishing of structures and components made of stainless steel intended for the food industry. In the first instance, to offer a solution to functional problems and failures, which stainless steel surfaces show after manufacturing and assembling structures and components for this industry, namely:

  • A visually unfinished product
  • Surfaces with all kinds of contamination generated during handling and processing such as the typical discolorations in welding zones, microscopic surface damage, grease spots, impurities, etc.
  • Surfaces, which do not have good (poor) hygienic characteristics. More specifically, their cleanability can be significantly improved

However, in the meantime the SUBLIMOTION-process® has also found its way into a number of other sectors besides the food industry, thanks to the benefits that the specific surface characteristics offer.

Food industry

Hygiene demands a permanent and special attention in the food industry because consumers expect high-quality food products, which are produced safely. This means, amongst other things, that all machinery surfaces that come into direct or indirect contact with foods must be safeguarded from all kinds of contaminants and microbial infections. For this reason specific (EU) legislation and regulations governing the hygienic design of process equipment in the food industry must be observed.

Thus all ‘Food Contact Surfaces’ (direct & indirect product contact surfaces) made of stainless steel must be frequently and thoroughly cleaned. Disinfection is essential in this to guarantee the microbiological safety of the food products. The efficiency of this cleaning process, however, does not only depend on the process itself but also on the characteristics of the surface being treated, in particular in terms of the roughness, topography and the surface energy and therefore its suitability for getting rid of dirt, i.e. its cleanability.

The SUBLIMOTION-process® conditions the surfaces of stainless steel structures and components in such a way that their surface roughness and topography are dramatically improved without being subject to damage or deformation so that their hygienic characteristics and cleanability are also significantly enhanced as a result.

Pharmaceutical industry and Chemical industry

Because of the specific resulting surface characteristics, besides the food industry the SUBLIMOTION-process® is also deployed for the pharmaceutical world. In this way, the SUBLIMOTION-process® is for example also the ideal surface treatment method for controlled conditioning and cleaning of molds and delicate components which have been manufactured from soft materials such as aluminum, brass, etc.