Pipe Pigging

Every company that works with transport and pressurised piping is familiar with the problems of internal contamination build-up, reduction in the internal pipe diameter and all the associated consequences. Pipe pigging is a highly effective method for cleaning pipes.

What is Pipe Pigging
Pipe pigging is a very fast and effective method for removing build-up and/or contamination from a piping system. The method entails using a specific medium to push a cleaning wad, the “pig”, through the pipes. The pig is a flexible wad of firm, but readily deformable, polyurethane which is covered with a coating and sometimes finished with a wire brush made of steel, stainless steel and Teflon. Pigs with other finishes are also available. The choice of pig depends on the type of contamination and on the material of which the pipe is made. Because the installation ‘down time’ is minimal, maintenance costs are no higher than absolutely necessary.

Where is Pipe Pigging used
Pipe pigging is used wherever fast and thorough cleaning is very important. With this method even pipelines several kilometres long can be made spotlessly clean within one day. Industrial chemical cleaning, which has been one of the principal activities of Vecom Industrial Services for many years, is a unique complement to the pigging programme. With this combination even the most stubborn contamination can be removed. Pigging is applied when other cleaning methods are not or no longer applicable because of the length of the piping or the number of bends.Pipe pigging

Pigs can also be used to carry out the following activities faster and more efficient:
– Filling of pipelines without air bubbles
– Pressure testing of a pipeline
– Draining and drying of pipelines
– Surface treatment of pipe walls and eliminating the danger of gas and explosions in pipelines by means of a so-called “chemical train” (less chemical waste water in comparison to with circulation with chemicals)

Vecom Industrial Services has a fitting solution
The flexible pigs cope easily with right-angle bends, T-pieces and other changes in shape. The diameter of the piping system will not present any problem. The pig system includes includes pigs ranging from soft to hard, in various diameters and with various coatings. So virtually all pipes can be safely and perfectly cleaned. The quality of pipe pigging has proved itself in the following fields:
– The chemical and petrochemical industry
– The food industry
– Waterworks
– Sewage systems
– Offshore