Vecom Group

Vecom is founded in 1953. Vecom is a family owned company with the global headquarters near Rotterdam.
Over the years Vecom has transformed from a supplier of cleaning chemicals for the maritime industry to a full service company for the oil & gas; pharmaceutical; food; energy and aviation industry.

Treatment, Maintenance & Cleaning products
Vecom group manufactures Treatment, Maintenance & Cleaning Products in Maassluis (The Netherlands). Next to production facilities, Vecom operate a state-of-the-art laboratories. The laboratory is used for research and development purposes, monitoring production, control activities and for handling consultancy demands.

Metal Surface Treatment
With various production,- sales,- and storage locations in northwestern Europe, Vecom is probably the biggest specialist in the area of chemical metal surface treatment.

Within Metal Surface Treatment the focus today is very much on stainless steel, a growing market, where a complete finishing service is provided to both manufacturers, processors and end users: Vecom offers pickling and passivating, electro polishing, mechanical polishing and SUBLIMOTION-ProcessĀ®. Other services are oxygen cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning of heat exchangers. Metal Surface Treatment facilities are located in The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.

On-site Services
Vecom has many years of experience in providing site work worldwide. Over the years Vecom has built a respectful reference list in the field of chemical technical cleaning and the treatment of hazardous waste water for an impressive list of customers. These services include pre-commissioning and maintenance cleaning services. Vecom holds the full range of licenses required to conduct these activities.